Rottnest Island – Western Australia Journey

Rottnest Island Quokka

Hello, nice to meet you. I live in Perth, Western Australia. I would like to write a blog introducing tourist attractions in Western Australia. ♪

First of all, we went to Rottnest Island, the most famous tourist destination in Western Australia!

What is Rottnest Island? Where!? I’ve never heard of it!! I’ll give you a brief introduction for those who need one! (^^)

Rottnest Island faces the Indian Ocean, not far from Perth, and the island itself is designated as a national park. It is very popular as a place to meet an animal called “Quokka,” which lives only in southwestern Western Australia.

If you’re lucky enough to meet these kids on this island, you can take such adorable pictures. ♪

It is a 45-minute ferry ride from Perth and 30 minutes from Fremantle.

The ferry that takes you to this island is operated by a company called Rottnest Express!!

You can buy a ticket at the dock where you are leaving on the day, but we recommend that you make a reservation on the Internet in advance and save your ticket. ♪

Rottnest Express

You can make a reservation for a ticket from the above URL☺ so please feel free to do so!

After you arrive on the island, you can walk or rent a bicycle or jump on abus.

Because there is a full-fledged cycling course which goes around the island while seeing a beautiful blue sea, I personally recommend to rent a bicycle. ☆

It was very convenient because you can rent a bike when you buy a ferry ticket for the Rottnest Express! (^^)!

I was shaken by the ferry for 30 minutes and finally arrived at Rottnest Island!!

As soon as we arrived at the island, we were fascinated by the beautiful blue sea and beautiful nature and trees and started cycling right away!!

You can enjoy this scenery while cycling.☺

The scenery is very beautiful and the wind feels good when riding a bicycle, but in Australia in summer the sun is really strong and there is no shade when cycling. ?

Be sure to keep hydrated frequently and take a moderate break (*^^*)

There’s also a small supermarket, café, restaurant and SUBWAY in the heart of the island ♪ You can taste Australia’s famous pies, and snack toast and doughnuts are delicious ?

And then, the best part of sightseeing on Rottnest Island!! ♡

Quokka are everywhere, and when they try to take pictures, they get closer ?

The figure that is eating the leaf with a munching is a pretty quokka. I want to touch it, but please be careful, because there is a fine for touching them?

I’m got tired from cycling around the island, so I took a break ♪

It’s a blissful time to buy coffee and dessert at a café and sunbathe on the lawn ❤

I charged energy, so I went to the beach this time!!

There is no break in rottnest island sightseeing ?

We played a lot and it was dusk in no time ? We returned to Fremantle by ferry in the evening.

There are cabins on the island, so you can stay ♪ It’s great to stay and relax with everyone watching the sunset!!

Western Australia’s travel blog is still going on (^^) /

Look forward to where we’re going next♪